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Project Description
The JmbCalendar is a full-featured monthly archive calendar widget for Graffiti CMS. Being a widget it can only appear in one of the two sidebars.

The calendar widget supports the following features:

1. Presents a compact display of a month calendar for the sidebar.
2. Has links for monthly and daily archives. Includes links for previous and next months' archives.
3. Shows the archive month if the page is showing archived posts, otherwise shows the current month.
4. Shows number of posts for both days and months.
5. Uses simple URL queries for displaying archived posts.
6. Validates all input data (such as URLs).
7. Renders as XHTML-compliant markup and will validate either as HTML or XHTML.
8. Pages archived posts.
9. Filters posts through the reader's security role. The user will not see those posts denied to them.
10. Allows for editing of the title and the formats for the next/previous month links.
11. Comes with a supporting Chalk extension library to easily retrieve archive posts.

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